Responsible Cannabis Use Is A-Okay

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Responsible Cannabis Use Is A-Okay


It is A-Okay these days to be using cannabis in many states – or marijuana. Same thing, actually, just a different name; so not to be confused then. Okay? It is also okay to be seen to be using these naturally-grown and organic substances. You no longer need to worry about prying eyes. And who cares what they may think. What do they know anyways? But so you know, and let them know too, it is quite okay to have a smoke every once in a while.

Because in a lot of states it is legal to do so. And you no longer have to go to dodgy, dark street corners to go and fetch your stash because now you can just go get it from stores like Canna Provisions Group – Holyoke – at least in Massachusetts you can. And so you know, smoking, in any case, is not entirely good for you. So instead of smoking your life away, you could always just take a dab of cannabis oil under your tongue. And there you go! What a great stress reliever indeed.

And if you are feeling the pinch in your tummy, you could always have a biscuit or two. Or a nice bran or chocolate or raisin or cinnamon or carrot muffin, whichever flavor you would prefer. But not too much, okay? Because that is going to make you silly. You could end up laughing like silly. And furthermore, whether it is healthy, wholesome and good, or carries a surgeon general’s warning, too much of a good thing is actually not okay.

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And it is actually so not okay if it is officially bad. But speaking of which, maybe you are one of the lucky one. Because it is legal where you are. So do spare a thought for those who can’t touch the stuff.